Top Quotes of Amit Shah’s speech on Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti


The epic of Ramayana is not a eulogy of Lord Rama; rather it is the first message of greatness of the Indian culture to the world.

Through the epic of Ramayana, the greatest message that sage Valmiki gave to the world was that truth wins finally, no matter how mighty, powerful and clever falsehood is.

If the desire is sincere, there is will to work hard, want to acquire knowledge, capacity to reach a decision, the person can scale all heights.

Everybody in society, regardless of which community he belongs to, can seek inspiration from Maharshi Valmiki to rise higher.

The example of Maharshi Valmiki, who worked for social harmony and uplift of Dalits without seeking publicity, is unparalleled.

Harmony is at the heart of Indian society and its pristine ethos. That all are equal needs no mention; it is an integral part of India’s culture.

Today, nobody needs to lead a life ridden with guilt, accepting ill-treatment.

The Constitution made by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar gave equal rights to all citizens of the country and equal opportunities to all to rise in life.

The Modi government that the people are witnessing today has worked the most for Dalits, backward classes, tribal people and the poor.

Look at the website of any ministry; the first five schemes would be dedicated to the poor, Dalits, the exploited and the backward.

When the Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech from Red Fort appeals to the banks to seek out the Dalit youth to help make themselves self-sufficient, it is a clear sign of change in the style of governance India has witnessed so far.

May the epic Ramayana composed by Maharshi Valmiki always remain a source of inspiration for us, on the basis of which we can create a great and glorious society. This is our wish.


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