Top Ten Quotes from Goodluck Jonathan’s Speech to the U.S. House Sub Committee on Africa

Top Ten Quotes from Goodluck Jonathan’s Speech to the U.S. House Sub Committee on Africa
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1Sensitive Issues

In your invitation letter, you highlighted a number of very sensitive issues you wanted me to touch on. I group all these issues under ‘Challenges Facing Nigerian Christians and the Niger Delta Question’.

2Nigeria and US

I read a paper presented by Princeton N. Lyman, a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, suggesting that Nigeria is no longer strategic to U.S. interests in Africa and the world as it used to be.

3Relevance to US

Nigeria, as a nation, is relevant to the U.S. in my opinion especially when you consider such parameters as Mineral Resources, Economy/Trade, Biotic Resources and Population/Human Resources, etc.

4History of failing

Security and law enforcement bodies unfortunately have a history of failing to apprehend the culprits of previous killings and disturbances and punishing according to the law.

5Law enforcement

In the area of law enforcement, it was quite challenging, but we were determined.

6Religious extremists

My job was made easier in this regards when the Christian Association of Nigeria saw a genuine desire on my part to bring religious extremists to book.

7Religious harmony

Going a step further, I worked through a body known as the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) to bring Christian and Muslim leaders together so they could talk to each other not at each other.

8Niger Delta

The issue of the Niger Delta is an issue of exploitation of natural resources, economy and development.

9Legal framework

Without a new legal framework, successes by any advocacy group will at best be transient, it will not endure.

10US and Russia

My belief is that the day the U.S. government and the Russian government decide to work together, that will surely mark the beginning of the end of global terror.

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