We are calling this the “Jio Happy New Year Offer” – Highlights of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio Speech

Reliance Video Screengrab

Good afternoon India, over 52 million Jio customers and the larger Jio Family.

On 1st of September, I shared with you my belief that Jio is a game-changing network for India and for Indians.
In 3 short months, you have proved me right.

Jio has become the fastest growing technology company, not only in India, but in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

In the first 3 months since its birth, Jio has grown faster than Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype.

In 83 days, Jio has crossed 50 million customers on its 4G LTE all-IP wireless broadband network!

Thank you… for launching our nation on the path to the top 10 digital countries in the world.

I am delighted to share that Jio customers are making the most of the Jio Welcome Offer we launched in September.

On average, a Jio customer is using 25 times more data than the average Indian broadband user.

A Jio customer today is consuming data on par with, and in many cases more than, sophisticated users anywhere in the world.

The main reason we launched the Jio Welcome Offer, was to use this period to get your valuable feedback and to iron out the deficiencies that we jointly discover.

We listened to your best ideas and we have been working sincerely and wholeheartedly to implement them.

Thanks to your constructive feedback, Jio is better today than when we started.

I want to take a few moments to mention four concrete examples. First, is eKYC.

This allowed SIM activation in under 5 minutes. This is the best experience for activating customers anywhere in the world.

Every Jio store and retailer in every neighbourhood can not only activate Jio customers via eKYC, but is also equipped to provide unmatched customer service and new Aadhar-based services because of this digital infrastructure.

It gives me great satisfaction that we have fulfilled our promise to make the on- boarding experience for Jio users as simple and delightful as possible.

While customers have shown unprecedented love for Jio services, we have not received the required support from existing operators.

The benefits of Jio’s superior voice technology have been denied to Indian customers due to such anti-competitive behavior of incumbent operators.

While we have started getting Points of Interconnect, we continue to monitor this capacity so that the Jio voice calling experience remains superior.

I want to reiterate that Jio is committed to ensuring that all domestic voice calls by Jio customers will be flawless and free.

My fourth and final example relates to network speed. Jio’s network is built for capacity and speed.

On the whole, Jio is not only delivering 4 times more data than all other Indian telecom operators combined, but also much faster throughputs than any other mobile network in India.

I am grateful for all your feedback over the past 3 months. We take your inputs very seriously. JIO is, and will remain, a customer obsessed organisation.

But, with the imminent availability of sufficient points of interconnect from other operators, over the coming weeks, I am confident that Jio customers will be able to experience a flawless voice experience.

During this offer period, Jio and Jio customers, will be able to continue our journey of co-creating and building the best network experience together.

All existing Jio customers will get the extended benefits of Jio Happy New Year offer, till 31st March 2017, on their current SIM card itself.

Policy to ensure that all users get a fair share of Jio’s network capacity.

All the details of the Jio Happy New Year Offer are available on MyJio, as well as on Jio.com.

This decision is an important step in his ongoing efforts to change the mindset of the people of India.

I believe that the common people will be the biggest beneficiaries of this change. Every Indian will have a digital ATM in their hands, which they can operate whenever and wherever they want.

Therefore, I am absolutely confident that a digitally-enabled economy will help India become stronger – and every Indian becomes even stronger.

This will enhance credit flow in the economy and legitimate credit is the fuel that powers the engine of economic growth.

Again, the biggest benefit of this goes to the ordinary Indian.

In order to make this possible, JioMoney is rapidly expanding its reach to millions of touch points where Aadhar based micro-ATMs will be deployed.

This will enable digital transactions of all types, whether they be at Mandis, Small shops, Restaurants, Railway ticket counters, for Bus and mass transit and even for person-to-person money transfers.

JioMoney is focused on signing-up over 10 million small merchant retailers in the coming weeks across 17,000 towns and 4 lakh villages.

As always, we keenly look forward to your constructive feedback, and to co-create the best network experience in the world.

I wish you a very good evening and a Happy, prosperous – and digital – 2017.


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