‘We must develop plans to counter terrorist activities’ – Highlights of Ashraf Ghani’s Speech at ‘Heart of Asia Conference’


We need to identify cross-border terrorism and a fund to combat terrorism.

Pakistan has pledged 500 million dollars for Afghanistan’s development. This amount, Mr. Aziz, can be spent to contain extremism.

Afghanistan suffered the highest number of casualties last year. This is unacceptable…some still provide sanctuary for terrorists. As a Taliban figure said recently if they had no sanctuary in Pakistan, they wouldn’t last a month

I don’t want a blame game, I want clarifications.

India’s help is transparent and with no strings attached. I thank India for hosting this summit. Chahabar port is a major step for Afghanistan’s transformation and I thank PM Modi for the initiative. India’s support is aimed at improving people’s life

We are facing serious terror threats. About 30 terrorist groups, as named by the UN, are trying to establish a base in Afghanistan. We must develop plans to counter terrorist activities.

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