‘We want to send prayers out to my big bro Kanye’ – Lupe Fiasco’s Heartfelt Speech for Kanye West

Pic: Twitter Video Snapshot / Wikipedia

When you not performing, you thinking about performing.

And when you not thinking about performing, you performing. When you not performing, you recovering from performing.

When you not recovering from performing you gotta prepare yourself to perform again. That’s hard.

We want to send prayers out to my big bro Kanye.

He say a lot of goofy shit sometimes, but he from Chicago, so it don’t even fucking matter, and I wish a nigga would say something. Show you what this Chi-Raq shit really about.

Look at the people who gave their heart and soul to this business and things that they lost and things that they go through. Just have patience.

Don’t let it turn into anger. Don’t let it turn into cynicism.

If you appreciate the work the brother put in for you and he supported you and helped you out from a distance with his music then just hold on to that moment.

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