‘We’re in a moment of Crisis’ – Top Quotes from Elizabeth Warren’s Speech at the annual Progressive Congress Strategy Summit in Baltimore

‘We’re in a moment of Crisis’ – Top Quotes from Elizabeth Warren’s Speech at the annual Progressive Congress Strategy Summit in Baltimore

I’m going to cut to the chase:  We’re gathered today in Baltimore during a moment of crisis—for us as progressives, for us as Democrats, for us as Americans. We’re in a moment of crisis, and I want to talk honestly about it.

We were already in crisis because for years and years and years, Washington has worked just great for the rich and the powerful, but far too often, it hasn’t worked for anyone else.

We all know that this country was never perfect.  That systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry meant opportunities weren’t spread equally.

People don’t just wake up one day and elect leaders like Donald Trump.

People don’t elect leaders who break all the rules—who violate all the norms—when things are going pretty well.

Men like Donald Trump come to power when their countries are already in deep trouble.

In November, America elected Donald Trump. Yes, the Russians helped. Yes, the FBI director helped. Yes, he lost the popular vote by three million.

This is bigger than talking points and tactics, and yes, even than Twitter.

It’s up to us—the progressives.  We need to make very clear that we, as progressives, as Democrats, as Americans, stand for a bold, progressive agenda.

We fight for economic opportunity—not for those at the top, but for everyone.

Well they can nurse their fear. We are not afraid.  Democrats are the party of all the people every single one.

To every person in America, we need to say loud and clear:  You think Wall Street has too much power in Washington?

We need to say what we believe in, then we need to fight for those beliefs. The world has changed a lot over the past few months, and let’s be honest—there’s no hotline number we can call to learn how best to deal with rising right-wing extremism in this country.

You bet we will fight back!  And you better believe we’ll keep fighting for our progressive agenda.

This is not the moment we asked for, but it is the moment we have been called to.  This is our test. The hour to fight is upon us and we are ready. We will fight back, side by side.  We will fight back.

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