‘What I have done is to start a queue to end all queues’ – Highlights of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech at BJP Parivartan rally in Moradabad

Pic: YouTube Video Screengrab @Narendra Modi

Has this country not been held back by corruption? Don’t we need to weed out this corruption? Will this corruption go away on its own?

I am surprised that in my own country some people are accusing me. Is it a sin that those who were looting country were now being made accountable.

To eradicate poverty from the country, we first need to eradicate poverty from the bigger states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal.

What I have done is to start a queue to end all queues.

We had to stand in queue to buy sugar. We had to stand in queue to buy kerosene. We had to stand in queue to buy wheat. Thanks to those who ruled for 60 years, this country was wasting away in queues.

Did they ever come to talk to poor people? But now, they keep circling the houses of the poor. Listen to me. If you have deposited money like this in your account, do not return it. Let the money sit in your account.

If they come back, threatening you to give the money back, write to Modi.

The idea is not to just bring the cash out from wherever it is being hoarded. The larger idea should be to shut the door ad prevent such practices from coming back.

You, the people are my high command.

When came to power, I personally asked officials why despite 70 years of independence, many villages were still deprived of electricity.

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