‘When… Michael Jordan nearly cut off his big toe with an axe’ – President Barack Obama made a Crying Jordan joke at the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony speech

Video Screengrab

When he was five years old, Michael Jordan nearly cut off his big toe with an axe.

Back then, his handles needed a little work.

But think, if things had gone differently, Air Jordans might never have taken flight. I mean, you don’t want to buy a shoe with, like, one toe missing.

We may never have seen him switch hands in mid-air against the Lakers or drop 63 in the Garden or gut it out in the “Flu Game” or hit ‘The Shot” three different times — over Georgetown, over [Craig] Ehlo, over [Byron] Russell.

We might not have seen him take on Larry Bird in H-O-R-S-E or lift up the sport globally, along with the Dream Team.

Yet M.J. is still more than those moments, more than just the best player on the two greatest teams of all-time — the Dream Team and the 1996 Chicago Bulls.

He is more than just a logo, more than just an internet meme. He’s more than just a charitable donor or a business owner committed to diversity.

There is a reason you call somebody “the Michael Jordan of” — the Michael Jordan of neurosurgery or the Michael Jordan of rabbis or the Michael Jordan of outrigger canoeing.

They know what you’re talking about. Because Michael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of greatness.

He is the definition of somebody so good at what they do that everybody recognizes it.

That’s pretty rare.

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